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SEIR Beauty School

Samantha Elliott

Beauty Industry Icon, Award Winner and Celebrity Beautician Samantha Elliott has unmatchable passion, knowledge and industry experience. With a career spanning 17 years Samantha's mission is to empower women through beauty.

SEIR Beauty School

Holds a 5 Star Reputation and is held in high regard within the Beauty Industry. SEIR sees 100% course success rate and in demand graduates, 97% of students are employed before graduating.

Awards: Bronze Winner Company of the Year, International Stevie Awards 2021. Four times Finalists for 'Educators of the Year', Australian Beauty Industry Awards, 18', 19', 21' & 22'.

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SEIR Mineral Complex

Designed and Developed by Samantha, SEIR Mineral Complex is based in Marine Biology Science. The skincare range takes sea mineral complexes combining them with a unique delivery system to ensure luxurious, effective results.

Carefully selected marine peptides with active organic ingredients, of the highest quality, are encapsulated in a fatty acid to enhance absorption and functionality within the Skin.

Made in Australia.